Storepay’s unique way of engaging with the young audience — Playtime Music Festival ’22

3 min readSep 1, 2022


Storepay Asar (Pavilion)

Amidst the economic and financial downturn in Mongolia, Storepay brought a brand new solution to everyone’s convenience. In 2019, Storepay introduced the BNPL service when there were no such service providers, and it quickly became one of the most popular and loved mobile apps of all in Mongolia. It was obvious that the financial solution was crucially needed in the market as the active users grew to 300’000+ over 3 years.

Alongside its goal to create as many financial opportunities for the users, Storepay has been sponsoring and initiating several projects for its community’s sake. The largest project that Storepay has worked on yet was the Playtime 2022 festival, one of the largest music festivals in Asia, where 22’000+ individuals of all ages came together.

People enjoying Storepay asar

While creating an exciting yet relaxing environment for playtimers, Storepay provided everyone with endless activities to spend their time at Storepay asar. Headliners of the top Mongolian artists such as The Colors, Morningstar, The C, Sekstsagaanbogd, Bekatrina, and 290 industry were all brought together at Storepay asar and exploded dynamite of hype. At some point, the asar was filled to the brim, thus creating a huge line of the crowd awaiting their turn to enter.

Storepay’s goal for this year’s Playtime festival was to create awareness of mental health around the theme of self-love. Throughout all the promotional and entertainment content, Storepay emphasized the importance of appreciating the present moments, caring for each other, and above all, loving oneself. There were yoga sessions every morning and a psychologist’s talk about the art of self-love.

During those four amusing days, Storepay asar gave out free coffees and ice cream to keep all of the visitors comfortable and refreshed. In addition, professional henna tattoo artists were invited to tattoo everyone who wanted to expand their range of fashion, all free of cost.

Also, one of the most notable events that occurred at Storepay asar was the Mortal Kombat 11 championship which rewarded its winners with SPC(Storepay Coin), free lunch tickets, and beverages. It was extremely hard to find a boring time at Storepay asar as entertainment content such as UB comedy, Amaraa’s weekly show, F*ck up nights were continuously held.

Playtime Main Stage
Storepay asar

Eventually, Storepay asar became playtime’s favorite place to hang out as it created a warm atmosphere with all the bean bags and merchants located right next to them. It allowed every visitor to purchase any item from the shop using Storepay, and every purchase was either on sale or had a gift with it. Storepay’s partner merchants, such as Alt+f4, Baba, Bishrelt beauty, were all stationed at the asar free of charge. Storepay is always open to helping partner brands increase their brand awareness, sales, and customer acquisition.

The result of these magnificent four days exceeded everyone’s expectations. All of the social pages gained a significant amount of followers as there were over 1,100 Instagram stories mentioning Storepay’s page. Most importantly, Storepay gained the chance to interact face to face with their users, get feedback, and troubleshoot their problems for four straight days.




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